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Megan Hill (L6)BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts

I am visually inspired by natural forms, while my conceptual inspiration is derived from the writings of theorists and philosophers. My concepts also grow from the insights that I develop through my own contemplations, and my proclivity for writing poetry. In resonance with my ordered and systematic approach to creativity, my work consistently demonstrates themes of symmetry and repetition. Additionally, pattern and colour are core components within my work. Largely, these components afford my work a particularly distinct aesthetic.

I am a mixed media artist, working predominantly with photography, textiles and computer aided design. The utilisation of photography allows me to incorporate imagery of nature; it is often this imagery that brings colour into my work. Digital processes permit precision, allowing me to produce the striking symmetry and delicate details that delight me. Finally, textile processes allow me to incorporate hand crafted elements into my work, with particular emphasis upon stitch and the time that this process allows me to spend with my work, in a meditative mindset. Climatically, I propose that although my work is conceptually inspired, it is also – inexorably – an autobiography of myself.