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Max Freeman (L4)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

Inspired by a love of Norse mythology, my works are based on myths, and historic events; other influences are nature and Celtic designs.

The process begins with research, readings of the Sagas of Original Stories, the Eddas, observing historical artworks, and studying archaeological records. I select a myth and expand my knowledge researching how to present the story through my work. To conclude my preparation process, I create a scale drawing of my design to calculate the required logistics.

I express my own interests through my work in order to connect with other people with similar passions. In the future, I would like to become more involved with the Nordic community both in the UK and worldwide. My interest in nature allows me to connect to a wider audience; I aim to reflect nature’s beauty throughout my blacksmithing. My interests are relatively easy to present through my work due to the strong connections shown through most Norse myths and legends.

I would like to expand my practice over the upcoming years, developing business connections within the UK Nordic community, and exhibiting at art shows, fêtes and fairs.