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Matt Mason (L6)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

As an artist blacksmith, I like to think of steel as a soft and malleable material, and this has become a theme across all of my work. I use many techniques that would usually be applied to fabrics and textiles, such as stretching and stitching, and incorporate them into my designs to create unique forms. This gives them a sense of tension and torsion in my work, while also contrasting with the hardness and softness of steel. Using thorough research and rigorous testing, I create objects that perfectly portray my intensions to meet my exacting standards.

Through my work, I like to inspire a sense of curiosity and wonder by making sculptures that draw the viewer in. The golden-inside to my series of vessels represents the value of discovery through participation. From first seeing the glimpse of light emanating from the inside through gaps in the metal, to the intense reveal of when the lids are removed, the viewer is rewarded for their curiosity.