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Martha Stark (L6)

Martha Stark (L6)BA (Hons) Textile Design

My work explores different avenues of sustainability in textiles. Throughout my time at HCA I have strived to create the most eco-friendly fabrics that have a minimal environmental impact whilst being beautiful to wear.

Wellbeing is another key theme in my work; I want my designs to benefit the individual in some way by nurturing an emotional connection between wearer and garment.  This has been particularly informed by new government policy that sees NHS programmes beginning to prescribe outdoor activities to aid mental health.

The work you see here is from my Final Major Project ‘Gaia’.  These fabrics have been spiritually charged in a “moon bath” and possess healing powers to empower you through the most difficult parts of your menstrual cycle.  The encourage you to be outside and only improve with wear and age.

I have used mainly recycled yarns, including some naturally dyed, to keep a low carbon footprint. Using machine knit as my process means I only use as much material as I need, reducing textile waste.