Marius Du Pasquier-Greene (L5)
Marius Du Pasquier-Greene (L5) 1
Marius Du Pasquier-Greene (L5) 2
Marius Du Pasquier-Greene (L5) 3

Marius Du Pasquier-Greene (L5)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

”I love you, it won’t happen again”

This piece is an artistic reaction to a historical reproduction made with Alex Maughan (@pigironoxide). Its intended meaning is a reflection on the modern opinion on relationships. It seems to me that a relationship has been framed as something only to be desirable so much that we created fantasy on being only half of ourselves and only reaching completion when bound by unspoken rules to another person. This leads to people creating relationships for the desire of absolute without considering the full scope of their decision. I believe there is hope for a more ethical way of approaching our bond to another, and I also believe this questioning is a lead to avoid manipulative and abusive relationships hence the deadly spikes of the trap.