Lydia Hand (L6)
Lydia Hand (L6) 1
Lydia Hand (L6) 2
Lydia Hand (L6) 3

Lydia Hand (L6)BA (Hons) Illustration

These illustrations capture the feeling and atmosphere of various places visited last summer including the East Coast of America, Savannah, Georgia and Wilmington.  As an illustrator, drawing from memory is often from personal experiences, from what has been seen and translated through drawing. Doing this, creates a personal landscape.

As memory can be distorted over a period of time, an element of exaggeration is present in these illustrations. Including the colour palette used and the shapes of the trees. It reflects the real place, but also the experience and memory of it. During lockdown and being in the confinement of a small environment, plus not being able to travel, has made these memories of last year much potent.

The process of image-making starts on the back of cereal packet or a piece of board. Next, is drawing out a sketch on the card to figure out the composition. Using an app on an iPad, the painting is then scanned in but the painting at this stage is not complete. Pro-create is then used to add elements such as typography and detail.