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Lucy Abbotts (L5)BA (Hons) Textile Design

I am driven to create by successful Artists and Designers. Such as Timourous Beasties, Designers Guild & Mary Katranzou. All of the work created by these brands follows similar themes. Such as vibrant colourful prints, painterly florals, and oriental inspired collections. I am inspired by the vibrant colours and textures within nature. I take my own photos, these lead me to create artwork/drawings. Then I select the most successful elements, motifs/ colours to create repeat patterns. My drawings will often be created with pens, oil pastels and acrylic paints.

I consider how my designs could be applied to fabrics for interiors/fashion. I am hoping to specialise in Print Design next year. I am particularly interested in combing traditional methods i.e (Silkscreen) with modern technology (Photoshop & Pro create).  As well as making design more Sustainable in the future, as technology improves and the demand for fast fashion becomes greater. I would like to become a successful print designer or work in a design team for a company.