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Lee Valentine (L5)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

My passion and drive in my craft has always been influenced heavily by the myths and legends of my childhood. Fantasy epics and historical novels filled my brain with dreams of heroic deeds. I was captivated by the humble blacksmith in these stories, often being the cornerstone of the story, the wizened mentor or the unlikely champion, the blacksmiths have always been my heroes.

In this body of work, I am exploring the influences of the Anglo-Saxon cooking chain, found in the Sutton Hoo Burial Ground in the early 20th century and how this historic workmanship can relate to other objects.

In order to understand the original process, in a direct replication of the original piece, I was able to transform those designs and elements into a more contemporary chain and an artists’ interpretation of a fire screen.

My future aspirations include working alongside archaeologists to assist in the recreation of historical ironwork to better understand our history and roots.