Keziah Chanter (L6)
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Keziah Chanter (L6)BA (Hons) Fine Art

My practice explores different themes through the medium of photography. Exploring Nostalgia frequently in my work, I show different elements of the past and present. Naturally, this is based on personal experience based on the happiness associated with my childhood.

I use photography as a medium based on how it naturally captures a moment in time, forever encapsulating something within a photograph. As well as photography, I find it interesting to work with other mediums such as collage, print, and painting as these are enjoyable to partake in personally and allow a different aspect of imagination in my artwork. I will be continuing to practice as an artist when I graduate from my BA.

I have twice had the opportunity to showcase my work in public exhibitions and I feel that my work fits into the contemporary types of Fine Art, particularly because my photography has a lot of conceptual values that play a part in Fine Art photography. I endeavour to carry on using my photography as a way of exclusively involving an audience, always creating and uploading to a form of digital documentation software.