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Kate Laffey (L4)BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design

As a Graphic Designer, I am passionate about visual communication to promote upcoming events such as films and music albums, and new products such as homeware and vehicles. My own particular interest is Editorial Design, where I can create graphic pieces that strongly communicate with viewers, so in the future I would love to work with magazine companies such as Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic, and Architectural Digest to collaborate on projects that cover an extensive range of trending topics. My style has become incredibly minimalistic now that I am a young adult, which is why I am consistently influenced by the designers Malika Favre and Matt Ferguson, however a brand that I am continually inspired by is Empire, as not only do they publish magazines every month, but they have also created their own minimal, interactive website. I created my exhibited magazine spreads for a fictional furniture company named ‘Scandi Living’, for which I also had to create a logo, website, email campaign and social media platform. Even though these double page spreads were not required for the project, I made them during lockdown to develop my skills on Adobe InDesign. You can contact me here: katelaffey@student.hca.ac.uk