Joshua Fincher (L4)
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Joshua Fincher (L4)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

“The Red Umbrella” – copper, mild steel and brass.

I’m from Kent, a part of the country that struggles to connect to its roots and traditions, but that’s exactly where I begin my process and inspiration. I want to connect with all my work on a meaningful level, so I can translate that through my craft to the observer. I think that there are things that we, as artists, have a duty and a responsibility to talk about, social issues in an age that leaves some entirely at the wayside. That is what I want my art to speak about.
I start with research into the issues, the materials I want to use, and the way I want to convey a message. I try to delve into the research material and talk to the people involved with the issue I want to talk about through the piece. This piece was made to speak of the disenfranchisement of a group in our society.  When finished, the sculpture, has a separate bowl of coins to be displayed alongside and interacted with. It combines both hot and cold forged metals, traditional processes and more modern techniques.