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Joshua Brettell (L6)BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design

As an aspiring graphic artist & designer, i’ve come to understand design work as an important visual companion to the underlying message, theme or idea that it’s trying to communicate.

My own particular interest is in creating visuals for the music world. I really enjoy translating the themes and message of a piece of music into a visual companion for the project, as well as exploring the more personal branding that can represent the artist. Music, Art & Design are all massive aspects of my life and a way to merge these worlds together into a career is the dream.

In the future I would love to work with artists across the world and music labels to help visualise these projects. Some of my key inspirations have been designers like Dewey Saunders, Tokio Aoyama and GEO. These are practicing modern designers and I’ve always enjoyed their unique, individual styles. I’m constantly inspired by seeing how their journeys in this industry evolve.

I have a multi-disciplined approach to my work, every project is unique and requires a different treatment. I utilize lots of different techniques to achieve this through the use of illustration, collage and photography, as well as animation and video.