Jessica Nicholls (MA)

Joanne Humphries (MA)MA Fine Art

“Lockdown Museum”

Film by Joanne Humphries, BA, PGCE.

An immersive experience of invisible layers challenging the environment of extinction against the concept of evolution.

Lockdown Museum is a body of work representing the layering of what isn’t visible to the eye of the observer when looking at “non-living” objects in museum specimens. Depicting how taxidermy can give a specimen a renewed life in terms of what lies beneath the surface. Layers of transparent, translucent, and opaque materials used to entice the observer into the world of life in non-life.

Using mixed mediums of voile fabric, variation of lighting and x ray imaging of bird taxidermy to envisage the symbolism of what lies beyond and beneath. The process of life and death.

Due to the unprecedented situation with the coronavirus pandemic. This film is a virtual response to being in lockdown in conjunction with museum specimens in a domestic setting.