Jennie Coble (L4)
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Jennie Coble (L4)BA (Hons) Illustration

As an illustrator I am inspired by a variety of things from the world and people around me and artists. Everywhere I go I am always seeking and finding inspiration for a new creation. I am also inspired by artists such as Tony Ross, John Tenniel, Quentin Blake and many more and this is because of the style they work in.

I work in mediums such as watercolor paints, fine liner, pencil and have also found a lot of enjoyment and have started to gain a new skill in digital art. The thing that drives me to create is the feeling of excitement you get whilst creating a piece but also the happy and proud feeling you get once you are finished and notice how much others like it too.

My career aspiration is to be a children’s book illustrator. I have always been interested in the idea of drawing cartoons and made up characters, bright bold books and working for a younger audience because I am someone who always like to ‘put a face to the name’ so creating characters and scenes for the words makes a book that little bit more interesting in my opinion.