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Jane Mills (MA)MA Contemporary Crafts

I have been exploring the concept of fossils of the future and the ephemera of life that we will leave behind us in rocks that have yet to be formed. Fossilisation happens by accident, and it is not necessarily the most important or valuable objects that will remain for future beings to discover. What will these things be and how will they be interpreted? It can take many years and a lot of detailed study by palaeontologists to decipher what it is they are looking at, so a ring pull from an old coke can of the 1970’s could become something very important to the future geologist.

During Lock down with limited access to studio space and materials, and no kiln, I have been using what I have available at home. The hip replacement components have been cast in concrete, and the bowl mould is from a degree project many years ago. Colour will come once things have been fired so the pictures are all in black and white.