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Harry Scott (L6)BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design


I am a newly pieced together designer with a strong love and belief that Graphic Design can not only be a form of communication, but it can also be an art form. A few favourite themes within Graphics that inspire me to create are flat based design, Low-Fi Styling and Constructivism. However, it is not only Graphics from which my designing is informed, but it is also the greater world around me from the ways I view it.

In recent months with the projects I have been working on. I have found myself taking a liking to the wonderous variety of styles found in album art covers. I believe this has been brought on due to my strong personal liking to the country of South Korea and its blossoming creative cultures. More specifically looking into the areas of underground hip-hop and rap along with other none music related topics such as street fashion, youth and the country as a whole.

Over the years I have come to develop a design identity called Generic that reflects my objective observations and produces subjective, personalised outcomes.

Displayed here are a few pieces of my more recent work:

Book Contents Display – A project involving the designed aesthetics of a Korean Cookbook. The idea was to play with values of both my English and the Korean language Hangul for education and exploration.

Album Cover Designs – Covers created for a South Korean rap artist collaboration track. The project involved designing the packaging for a special edition vinyl.

Personal Work – This was created for a pop-up shop which we held as students last year called create and destroy. The theme of the piece is supposed to be an experimental approach to values I hold dear to me.