Harriet Slatcher (L6) 1
Harriet Slatcher (L6) 2
Harriet Slatcher (L6) 3
Harriet Slatcher (L6)

Harriet Slatcher (L6)BA (Hons) Textile Design

Drawing on my personal experience as an art and design student, my final major project champions the value of arts education by showcasing the seemingly rudimentary yet absolutely fundamental processes of gestural painting and mark-making.

I have a particular interest in colour and texture which is often applied through a mixed media approach.  I like to use unconventional materials within a mixture of traditional textile techniques such as weave, print and stitch.

My practice now focusses on producing one-off, handmade pieces presented for the context of fashion.  These images are a snapshot of my current work-in-progress as I continue to develop my final portfolio.