Hannah Barton (L5)
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Hannah Barton (L5)BA (Hons) Fine Art

Medium: Clay
Sculptures range: H – 10 – 40 cm, W – 15 – 27 cm, D – 15 – 65 cm

My clay figures are based upon my own body, documented through photography in which this is a main theme for my current project in AP2.

In my current work I have been exploring an interest with the perceptions of the female form. The explorations of what is depicted through the female identity in classical and modern art. Along with the female character of Venus shown throughout history. A depiction of female empowerment, femininity, strength, mothering and beauty. Created in their many forms, the ones that are best known are ‘Venus of Willendorf’, ‘Venus de Milo’ and ‘The Birth of Venus’ which is where I’ve taking most of my inspiration from.

The question of why the female figure is such a powerful image recurring through-out history. I have tried to imagine the inspiration of which these historical artists, creators that took from the “women’s image”. Was it a long process of studies to understand the identity of women, or was it a moment, a glimpse, capturing the figure and the powerful women expressed through it?