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Georgina Righton (L4)BA (Hons) Fine Art

Thoughts, feelings and fleeting things inspire me.

Being within nature rather than in a crowd allows my mind to relax.

Art is something I have always done, it is who I am, and helps me understand myself and others better. I would like to reach out to people caught in the fist of capitalist society and communicate that there is another way of being and that we can find it together.

At times I will start with the material that I am using, see what it lends itself to, other times I may have an idea and search for something to express it with. I like to reuse packaging and found items and to be experimental in using these.

As a mature student being at HCA and being amongst artists and maker creators is a breath of fresh air.

I am not yet sure where this journey is taking me but I am enjoying the ride.