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Francesca Alonzo-Beckett (L4)BA (Hons) Photography

I am a first-year student studying BA Hons Photography.

The five images that you see are part of my series ‘A story of a man’s despair’. It began with my own interpretation of the small project ‘A sense of place’. We were asked to complete for a first day at HCA, I decided to base it on Mental health especially within men. It is a topic that is very personal for me, and something that is not spoken about very much. It’s about challenging, raising awareness for how difficult it is for men to speak out.

The story behind my series is men fighting with their own demons, the struggle of trying to find the light. It is a callout to society, a message written in the images that you did this too us, you made it hard for us to come forward to speak up before it is too late. I took  this approach because what goes on in the mind is a very dark place to be, I created this to  portray a visual representation of the constant pain & struggles that men face in order to live up to society’s ideas of being a man.