Frances Alexandra (L6)
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Frances Alexandra (L6)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

I am a committed and passionate artist blacksmith working with texture, narrative and concepts through vessels and other forms.  I have developed a unique approach to creating transitional objects that negotiate ideas around identity. Conceptually I am dedicated to exploring shared experiences and emotional influences in my work.

Notions of translucence, opacity and trauma are central to work created.  The vessel form has provided a culturally significant object with which to encapsulate experiences which may not be fully resolved nor entirely hidden.  The notion of the vessel as a holding object and one which has universal meaning is also hugely important as it provides a connecting ‘object’ between maker and audience.

Within my work, I aim to capture a sense of identity and subject matter and have also been able to clearly transfer a personal narrative to the physical vessels without making them unapproachable.