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Eunice Bell (L4)BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts

As a maker I am interested in shapes and patterns and get inspired by what I see around me and often use paper in response to that. I love the manipulability of paper and enjoy taking a simple shape and create something more detailed from that. The exploration of this is stretching into 3D work.


This work has taken inspiration from a drawing of the hinge on the door at HCA and was developed into paper patterns, and from that into a moquette. To develop the idea of pattern in 3D further, and challenge myself with developing this idea with a material less familiar  to me,  I made the final piece as a tea light holder from aluminium sheet that has been cut and bent to shape.  It is double sized and works both ways up.


Title: Tea light holder

Size approx. 8cm x 4cm

Aluminium sheet