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Dominic Powell (L6)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

My name is Dominic Powell: I am an Artist Blacksmith from South Wales. I create my artworks to express my views on the national identity of being Welsh.

My spinning chairs use techniques of compression, the symbology of maps and my take on traditional wooden Welsh objects to tell a story to the audience of modern Welsh Identity. This use of changing the creative medium of traditional Welsh craft pieces lets me tell the viewer about the modern emergence of varied craft and art in Wales at this time—Welsh artists bringing back the traditional crafts of Wales as well as developing their own modern takes on them. This allows me to convey my opinions on what it means to be Welsh in the 21st Century.

Symbolism has been around for centuries and can be universally read without the need to be literate or understand the same language. I can use this as a tool to guide the audience and tell them of my message of Welsh identity. This is exemplified in my lovespoons: the traditional craft on knot work is conveyed in steel with the symbols of the knots emphasising the connecting properties of them and therefore the connection of love.