David Errington (L4)
David Errington (L4) 1
David Errington (L4) 2
David Errington (L4) 3

David Errington (L4)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

For these pieces I was looking at wood grain and how it looks and at how different materials erode. This is because of the maze-like patterns you can find in nature are completely random. I have been exploring this by engraving glass bottles in a pattern inspired by wood grain and the valleys carved out by rivers.

I start my work is by figuring out what the theme is and what it means from there I will gather a collective of images to do with my theme so that I can have visual inspiration whilst I am working and something I can keep going back to. After that I will normally try and get a few sketches about what I’m working on. This allows me to see a clear path on where my work will be heading and the style of work I will be producing. I then make a multiple 3D models to inform the making of my final piece. After this course I hope to get a job with another blacksmith until I have enough money to open my own forge and set up my own business.