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Dan Williams (L4)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

My main inspiration for work is natural forms of plants. I find these the most interesting as they appear simplistic but on a closer inspection, they are intricate and deliberate. A fair deal of geometry and science applies to how a plant is formed. I have also been looking at how plants interact with manmade structures and have tried to replicate a similar concept but in a more stylised fashion.

When starting a project, I use a mind map to write down every idea related to the main theme, I then condense it down to the ideas that I like the most and can work with most effectively. In terms of sampling I like to use materials based on how they suit the concept of what I am trying to make. In this project I have used spare 3D printer filament to create contorted plant forms. My end goal is to create pieces that catch the eye and can be admired for what they are rather than having to give a deeper meaning to them.

I aspire to running my own forge and working as a contemporary craftsman, making pieces to sell alongside accepting commissions.