Dagmara Chwalik (L5) 1
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Dagmara Chwalik (L5)

Dagmara Chwalik (L5)BA (Hons) Textile Design

I am a weaver and usually start my projects with primary drawings and photography of my inspiration; this could be anything from the runways of Haute Couture fashion shows to urban, architectural landscapes.  My aesthetic is often minimal; I love to work with a monochrome palette and when I do use colour its often muted and soft.  I aspire to work in a design studio, creating beautiful fabrics for high-end designers as I see my work as wearable art due to its hand-crafted, bespoke quality.

These woven fabrics were made in response to our Live Brief with Pensons Restaurant and the Netherwood Estate, inspired by ingredients from their locally sourced menu.

This collection was woven on a rigid heddle loom.  I focussed on creating unique, tactile yarns that would add pattern and texture to the surfaces.  I used a cotton-slub yarn that I naturally dyed with avocado skins and twisted different fibres together to create loops in the weft.