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Ciara Lewis (MA)MA Fine Art

I am an Irish painter settled on the Welsh Shropshire borders  with over thirty years experience as a working artist whose work is informed by landscape.

I work in mixed media on large formats. I have recently expanded my practice through the MA in Hereford to incorporate sculpture. My three dimensional elements look at contrasts, by combining hard and soft surfaces to create work that documents and reflects a terrain and habitat of degradation. My process employs the layering of textures and colours as grounds, which are then worked and crafted into resolved and coherently concluded pieces.

My work utilises observational sketching and the practice of walking as a methodology to making. These activities constitute a form of diary making, charting where I situate myself, both physically and emotionally.

Capturing an emotional ‘portrait’ of a place is more important than a pictorial rendition of that locale.

I am influenced by places I visit and the work reflects travels within both urban and rural landscapes, hence these themes being recurrent within the work.

I belong to an artist collective Abstract Edge whose work shares abstraction as a means of expression.

Normally my studio can be visited by appointment and I exhibit my work nationally.

  1. Bronze Sculpture describing gradient of land with water capture
  2. DYSTOPIAN RIVER ELDERS A collection of vessels made from reclaimed glass and stoneware fragments
  3. MOSS Sculpture describing terrain and water capture, manipulated paper, pigments and resin 55x35cm
  4. Binaries Relief piece mapping borders of my research area. Mixed media on board, 180x70cm.
  5. Habitat degradation Detail of large sculpture describing Drought and Floods as terrains. 300x300cm Mixed media on board