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Chris Bull (L4)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

Landscape and our experience of it is often where I start, be that an industrial horizon, a line of pylons across a field or the coastline of west Scotland. I am looking for ways that deepen our connection with our surroundings and break down some of the barriers that our current existence has erected between us and nature.

Currently I am developing a toolkit for building apertures in landscape. These are forged connectors that hold timber elements and can be used to construct forms in the field. The intention is that these enable the viewer to also potentially become a maker changing their landscape.  The power of making with your hands and witnessing the change created is the tool for reconnecting with our environment.

The enduring role of a blacksmith is that of problem solver, as a maker I hope to combine this skill with my passion for timber to develop work that explores the complimentary nature of wood and steel.