Chloe Wheater (L5)
Chloe Wheater (L5) 1
Chloe Wheater (L5) 2

Chloe Wheater (L5)BA (Hons) Fine Art

My artwork consists of using a combination of materials, such as digitised film slides, paint and found imagery; to create experimental and surreal collages with the intention of distorting, combining and generating new narratives. The narratives within these images juxtapose one another and aim to engage audiences to respond to the image as a whole. I’m particularly interested in the way people generate meanings when reading images, specifically in response to both title and image.

Image 1: Death of the Riverbank – 21 x 29.7cm

Image 2: Child’s Play- 21 x 29.7cm

Image 3: She Took Him to the Lake – 42 x 34cm