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Tottie Aarvold (MA)MA Fine Art


I am an artist, fine art photographer and urban explorer who focuses on documenting the abstract and unusual qualities of the world. I see my photographic images as ‘found paintings’, an organic fusing of both the human and natural world.

I am drawn to textures, layers and entropy. I see beauty in decay and the random in everyday life.  My photographs make new from old, make whole the broken, notice the unnoticed and reclaim the abandoned.

My work is very personal and involves self-exploration. I have worked for many years as a psychotherapist which has led to my interest in the hidden and revealed, in what lies beneath. I create a story, an uncertainty and psychological confusion in my work. I aim to convey pathos and loss. My photographs are often about socio/political concerns.

It is important to me that the photographic image is as I saw it, that it isn’t highly manipulated in Photoshop. I use natural light and never alter a scene. The camera is my eye, it captures what stands out for me in the world.

My recent work is taken in Ludlow during Covid and over the VE weekend.