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Camilla Morgan (L5)

Camilla Morgan (L5)BA (Hons) Textile Design

As a textile designer I love to work with colour and texture. I’m passionate about weaving and do a lot of designing on the loom, allowing the process to guide my direction. I love yarn and find the way it behaves fascinating.

I hand spin many of my own yarns to explore colour and texture further in my work. Incorporating these into weaving, allows me to take full ownership over the fabrics I create. I also enjoy natural dyeing, which has been a particular focus in my latest project; our live brief with Pensons Restaurant and the Netherwood estate.

Sustainability within textiles is an important issue for me to consider when designing, trying to minimise and re-use waste by spinning new yarns and using found materials. I’m inspired by many different things, but mostly the natural world and the landscapes around me.