Archie Thomson (L5)
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Archie Thomson (L5)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

What motivates me to create forged metal art personally revolves around environmental issues and animal rights alongside flora and fauna.

Fox skulls-

Amidst a time of worldwide crisis, it is truly unbelievable that some disturbed individuals in our society still feel it is acceptable to go around murdering wildlife for fun. I want to bring awareness to the horrific issue of the culling of badgers using fox cubs as bate, alongside the illegal fox hunting on horseback through forged metal, scavenged from old pit traps and animal agriculture iron fencing.

These metal skulls symbolise the injustice of killing sentient beings. In the times we all now live in today, I would hope that our values will change, how we must respect all living beings because life is so precious and should not be exploited for arrogant satisfaction. I do not want to sound forceful or preachy in any way; I am just voicing my personal opinion. More of these skulls will be forged and displayed out in the woodlands, to highlight just how a small number can have a big impact. Hopefully, these will raise more awareness to members of the public and possibly change their perspective on wildlife.