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Andrew Birds (L6)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

The driving force in my practice is the development process of a new project as it questions my thoughts which in turn enhances the design process making me more knowledgeable in that field. I am also inspired by other blacksmiths that make work that has similar aspects to me, such as Brian Russell, his work is always inspirational to look at. I want my work to communicate with everyone. I design with patterns and layers, giving it a satisfying aesthetic and want my work to be visually appealing to the viewer.

In my work, I start with an idea or a thought. For example, if I make a bench, then I will find some inspiration on the internet or in books that makes me think about a message or a style I want to convey. I will then research into this to develop my knowledge in the subject, making the process of design easier. I will then design, and then expand on each design, asking myself why? Repeating this process until I get the design I want to stick with.

I aspire to become an architectural blacksmith, making bespoke ironwork for clients, one-off designs and functional art pieces. This is my goal for my practice, but I also want to design and make unique sculptures to display at galleries or shows.