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Andrea Davis (L5)BA (Hons) Fine Art

I make work in a wide range of media including painting, photographic processes, video and sculpture, through a continual process of exploration and experimentation. This reflects a curiosity towards those things around us, things that may be overlooked or go unnoticed, seeking to draw the viewer’s attention.

This current body of work was created for the BA Fine Art Level 5 Art Practice 2 module and was inspired by found objects which include a collection of antique glass bottles.  Seeking to explore the fascination these objects hold, the work was created using diverse media and processes, beginning with two main strands of work including paint on canvas and the creation of a series of photograms.  From this, the work was developed further with: scanning; digital manipulation; collage; image transfer; painting and assemblage. Informed in part by the current Covid-19 lockdown, I tried to make use of the resources I had to hand.

I have sought to express both the beauty and the potential narrative conjured up by the found objects.