Amy O'Dell (L5)
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Amy O’Dell (L5)BA (Hons) Illustration

Online I go by my artist name of ‘Sylva’, which means ‘From the Forest’

I am inspired by the magical side of nature, the one etched into our folklore, stories and pre-Christian belief systems. I love to teach people about animals and their symbolism through my work, reviving old stories from around the world, from the ‘Fox Fires’ of Finland to the ‘Horned Hares’ of Celtic myth.

I myself am a Pagan and Therian (I believe in reincarnation) and these aspects heavily influence my work too. I hope to highlight the importance of our natural world and why it is so important we protect it, so that future generations can be inspired by its mystery.

I mainly work with watercolour or pencil crayon and have now just started editing my work digitally. I have just started planning future book ideas for my final year of study and beyond.