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Alexander Fisher (L4)BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing

I’ve long been fascinated by medieval and renaissance arms and armour, the intricacies and sheer craftsmanship some of the pieces display blows me away. I find great joy in all things green and growing; the natural world holds tremendous peace for me, and inspiration abounds!

I’ve always enjoyed building, making and constructing objects that serve a purpose, I have since childhood spent numerous days heavily invested in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k models and still very much enjoy painting and modelling. When I moved schools at fourteen, I was precluded from joining the art class (my favourite class) as it was full!  I am delighted to be studying at HCA!!

For me most projects start with images, I begin most projects with a collection of hand-picked images and drawings.  From there I move to sketched or C.A.D. work and on the maquette making, the more iterations and variations the better, iterate – create – test -evaluate – reflect – record – repeat!

As far as my career goals go, I endeavour to become the most well-rounded smith I can; I love a bit of utility!!  While still specialising in these objects that fascinate me so!