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Alana MichaelBA (Hons) Fine Art

 I take my artistic inspiration from animals, archaeology, history, landscape and mythology. My practice includes drawing, printing, and, more recently, photography. Creating art makes me feel fully engaged with the world. Primarily I create for myself, but it is important to me that others see my work, and I hope to show it more in the future. My aim is to have a gap year, visiting galleries and participating in some workshops, and return to do an M.A in 2021.

My current project is called Wilder in which I am exploring my inner landscape in relation to strange creatures. The pictures shown here are not final Degree Show pieces, but are some of my work in progress.  During lockdown I have done drawings, prints, made masks and photographed them, plus done Cyanotypes (sun prints). The two drawings here are 42 x 28cm, the Cyanotypes are 31 x 21cm, and the photograph is of a drawing photocopied into transparency film, which was 30 x 21cm.