Abigail Sargent (L6)
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Abigail Sargent (L6)BA (Hons) Fine Art

Fixation– Abi Sargent


I am a multi medium artist working with Activism, Women’s Rights and LGBT+ Rights. My work is drawn from my own experiences and opinions on matters of Feminism, idealised beauty, stereotypes and expectations regarding women.

I create political art to draw attention to specific issues that can be seen globally, with the aim of provoking and evoking change.

I use my body as a medium, often abstracting the figurative, weaving my personal experiences into the meaning of my art. In doing so I aim to create work that can be related to by the viewer, on issues such as the restraints that society has put upon the body through standards of idealised beauty. I attempt to subvert meaning and allow the viewer to question the issues that lies within societies perceptions of beauty.