The second event is on Wednesday 24 October, we have booked the main hall out at CRC for the day and will be covering the room in various sized sheets of paper. The idea is for people to come in and have a play with different mediums and techniques and put their own unique stamp onto some collaborative pieces. This will be a drop in session throughout the day, so even if you only have 20 mins to spare you can still pop in and add to it! We would love it if all staff and students could get involved in this! It doesn’t matter if you are an expert at drawing or not, we want everyone to join in and have an input, even if it’s as simple as a few dots or lines.

We are very keen to get lots of the students from Folly to come over and join in as it’s a brilliant opportunity for them to see the campus. This workshop is only open to students and staff. For any alumni of HCA who are interested please email:

We will be providing a range of equipment for both workshops, however if people want to bring along their own that would also be great! Hopefully by the end of this workshop we will have some exciting collaborative pieces that we can put on display!

Big Draw Event - Profile Drawi