Borderline Film Festival introduces B2 Film Festival

B2 Film Festival is an all new film festival delivered by Borderlines with input from Rural Media, Mash Cinema, Shypp and Meadow Arts to name a few.

B2 Film festival will give 18-25 year-olds the chance to meet and work with established creatives in Film and Digital Arts in ways which go beyond the usual settings. It will provide Young People with opportunities to get involved, learn and experiment.

An exciting programme of events will be taking place in between Thursday 18 October and Sunday 21 October in 6 venues across Hereford City.

We’re really excited to be hosting these events:

Beat the Clock Write the Script – Part 1

Beat the Clock Write the Script – Part 2

Elfen Branding Workshop

Feed Me – Film by Rachel Maclean

Kusama – Infinity (12A)