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b5 weeks
£Summer – £95
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DFolly Lane Campus, HR1 1LT
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with Rob Goldsworthy

This course aims to cover the essential techniques of Silversmithing and Jewellery including cutting, piercing, soldering, shaping and working with a variety of metals. You will become confident using the workshop and be encourage to develop the skills and techniques required to produce your own individual piece of work.

Basic materials are supplied to get you started. You will be advised accordingly of any additional materials required depending on what you would personally like to achieve.

“With Rob’s help I have learned how to translate an idea into a beautiful object – a skill I never had before!”

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How to apply

We are now able to take Short Course Payments online via WisePay.
For further information please visit our apply page or contact The Short Course team by email or call 01432 845302. You can also download our short course programme.

Summer – 1st May 2019
Course Code – 1819OESILVE3

Summer – 5 weeks

Suitable for all

Summer – £95

Summer – 6.30pm-9pm (Wednesdays)

Folly Lane Campus