An exhibition of recent work by postgraduate students
MA Fine Art, Hereford College of Arts
MA Arts (Photography) & MA Arts (Fine Art), University of Derby
Curated by MA Curating, Hereford College of Arts

‘Viable’ is an artist led exhibition that highlights the importance of creatives within the contemporary workforce and the significance of creative education.

Composed of emerging artists undertaking post-graduate study at both Hereford College of Arts and School of Arts, University of Derby, ‘Viable’ is a diverse and unifying exhibition that celebrates the arts within the midlands, providing a snapshot of cultural production within an ever demanding and criticised discipline, as well as providing a unique outlook on the importance of education within the creative sector and the benefits arts education can have on both individuals and society as a whole.

‘Viable’ takes a stand and shows the world that artists are uniquely important within contemporary society and that they should be celebrated and revered as valuable members of the workforce.

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'Viable' Exhibition

Numinous: Heidi Jayne Best

'Viable' Exhibition 1

Freedom: Carolina Valero

'Viable' Exhibition 2

Levels Rising: John Symonds

'Viable' Exhibition 3

Bare your Teeth: Annette Carding

'Viable' Exhibition 4

Rethink. Resist. Resign: Xena Rigdon

'Viable' Exhibition 5

Found Plastics: Kate Harvey

Viable Exhibition