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Simone Christou (L4)BA (Hons) Fine Art

My inspiration is based from experiences and things I’ve learnt along my creative journey as well taking aspects of “everyday” life to produce the work. I sometimes use pencil on paper to create my sketches but most of the item, I use my iPad Pro and ProCreate which is where my initial ideas are generated and usually where my work is born.

My work is hugely personal and even if the main subject doesn’t seem personal, there is always some form or aspect of my work which has part of me tattooed into it. In terms of processes, they all vary as since my degree started, I have leaned towards digital work but I’d say that I remain to be a tradition printmaker. Furthermore, my work is often fuelled by conversation with other artists in various areas as I like to expand my own practice as well as question others views and perspectives and see how I can use some of those aspects in my own work.