Jacob has worked at HCA since 1999 as a tutor and Course Leader for Level 2 Diploma in Art & Design.   He has a strong belief in student centred learning, inclusivity and the positive impact of art education on self development.

Jacobs’s artwork is rubbish – literally! It is made of rubbish picked up from the gutter. He describes himself as a bodger and a bricoleur.

‘I always make do with whatever is at hand. My subject matter is taken from the external world around me using elements and imagery – bits and pieces are given a new uncharacteristic twist and change of aspect to take on new meaning. As a bricoleur I perhaps have a special freedom, but also a lack of freedom as what I collect is restricted by a lack of control reliant on a chance encounter; my materials are the debris of society. The multi-faceted nature of my installations includes material and cultural references. I attempt to lift the objects I collect out of their physical existence and incorporate them into the spiritual realm of shamanist practices.’

Work produced ranges from animal and beast sculptures, projections, printed friezes and spray painted wall combinations.

Jacob studied at Wimbledon and Camberwell schools of art and recently completed an MA in Fine Art in Birmingham School of Art