Young Artist Competition 2019 – Be Inspired by Brian Hatton!

Published on 01.02.19

Be inspired by Brian Hatton!

Be inspired by Brian Hatton!

HCA’s Young Artist competition is linked to the work of Herefordshire artist Brian Hatton – we encourage entrants to take a look at his work to help inspire your entries! Brian Hatton used all sorts of mediums to create his artwork, including oil paint, watercolours, pencil and pastels. His subjects included landscape views, horses, agricultural activities and country people as well as imaginative subjects inspired by literature. When he started to accept commissions, he painted portraits of local people. He also created a selection of self portraits!

Here are some of our favourite works by Brian Hatton which we hope will inspire your entries:

Self portrait: 1908

This self portrait of Brian Hatton was drawn using chalk. If you are unsure of what you would like to enter into the Young Artist Competition, why not have a go at drawing or painting a self portrait?

Brian Hatton

Towards the Malvern Hills: 1910

This painting by Brian Hatton was created using oil paints, capturing the Malvern Hills. Think of your favourite places to visit as inspiration for your entry!

Young Artist Competition 2019 - Be Inspired by Brian Hatton!

Horses in different poses: 1900

Many of Brian Hatton’s artworks had horses as the main subject and the drawings below were all created with pen. We love that Brian Hatton managed to capture so many different poses. Do you have a pet or favourite animal that you love to draw?

Young Artist Competition 2019 - Be Inspired by Brian Hatton! 2

Sanger’s Circus horse watering: 1901

This piece was created when Brian Hatton was only 14! Working from memory, he began drawing this scene of the horses watering at Sanger’s Circus in Swansea. He then finished the drawing in watercolour. A great idea for your entry would be to think about your favourite memory – how can you turn this into a piece of artwork?

Young Artist Competition 2019 - Be Inspired by Brian Hatton! 1

Remember: There is no set theme for this year’s competition – we just want to see you be creative. We welcome all kinds of 2D art – painting, drawing, illustration, collage or print.

For general enquiries contact For entry details and to download the Terms and Conditions or a Submission Form, visit the entry blog. Please be reminded that the deadline for entries is 1st March 2019.

We can’t wait to see your entries!