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bSummer - 5 Weeks
£Summer - £105
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DFolly Lane Campus, HR1 1LT
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with Oliver Cameron Swan

This course aims to build on the skills gained in our ‘Digital Photography’ Course (see above). Focusing on advanced photographic techniques and approaches, such as studio portraiture using flash lights, long exposure on location, panoramic imaging, and painting with light. Subjects covered will include portraiture, still life, landscape, and product photography.

  • Suitable for experienced photography enthusiasts who have a working knowledge of camera settings and terminology, as well as those who have completed the Beginners photography course.
  • You will need your own camera. Suitable cameras include: Any DSLR (Nikon, Canon, Pentax), CSC (Fuji, Sony, Olympus), Bridge, or Compact camera as long as you are able to control the camera’s settings. If you are not sure or would like advice on camera kit then please contact Oliver Cameron-Swan.
  • This course uses Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, and Photoshop to edit images on Windows PC computers. No prior experience of these programs is needed but would be desirable.

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Summer  – 1 May 2019
Course Code – 1819OESUMPH3

Summer – 5 weeks

Suitable for experienced enthusiasts as well as those who have completed the Digital Photography course.

Summer – £105

Summer – 6.30pm-9pm (Wednesday)

Folly Lane Campus