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b5 weeks
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DFolly Lane Campus, HR1 1LT
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with Alan Harrold 

This course aims to give you a place to get together with other ‘drawers’ and learn from what they do or from the drawings they make. Drawing is a skill that is for most people, best developed or practised when they are relaxed and in a comfortable environment. Suitable for a wide range of people with an interest in drawing: from those who want to be the next Lucien Freud, to those that want to simply try something new in a friendly and social surrounding.

Suitable for beginners or those wishing to develop their confidence in drawing. Basic materials supplied to get you started, you will be advised of any additional materials required depending on what you would personally like to achieve.

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24 January 2020

5 weeks

Suitable for beginners


1.30pm – 4pm (Friday) Spring

Folly Lane Campus