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with Lexi Strauss

This 4 week course aims to offer students individual support and advice with their developing painting and/or drawing practices – through portraiture.

Students will be encouraged to explore and develop their own styles – experimenting with a broad range of techniques and wide variety of media (e.g. oils, acrylics, watercolour, egg tempera, pen and ink, charcoal and pencil, etc) as required. You will be encouraged to experiment with various ‘limited colour palettes’ to aid and develop your understanding of colour theory and mixing, whilst observing other artists portraiture styles, for individual inspiration

Portrait models will be your subjects throughout the course, with some models continuing for multiple weeks to allow for in depth studies.

Students will also be encouraged to continue their practices at home, with plenty of individual support and advice about techniques they can practice in their own time.

Basic materials – acrylic paint, brushes, palettes, paper, pencils and charcoal, are supplied, but please do feel free to bring your own materials as required.

How to Apply

Enrolment for this course will open Monday 2 November 2020. Forms or payment received in advance will not be valid.

Please complete and return our Short Course Enrolment form to reserve your place.

You will be invited to pay in full between Monday 7th  – 14th December 2020. We can only accept Short Course Payments online via WisePay, or payment by debit/credit card by phone. Please note: An additional charge of £2 will be added to all Autumn and Spring Short Course fees to contribute to the cost of PPE and cleaning supplies. We ask that you please bring your own facemask.

For further information, please visit our apply page or contact The Short Course team by email or call 01432 845302.

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You can also download our 2020/21 Short Course programme.


15 January 2021

4 weeks

Suitable for all


1.30pm – 4pm (Fridays)

College Road Campus, HR1 1EB