Student Union

HCA Student Union is the legally recognised body of all students who study here, and we are proud to be affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS).

Student Union

HCA Student Union's mission is to improve the Student experience by promoting the general interests of all students, and by representing their views fairly and equally on all matters, such as academic, social and welfare responsibilities.

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We run lots of events throughout the year. Fresher's Week is our University Level students' annual event, offering a wide range of activities and opportunities to meet other students and discover clubs and societies. We'll also be hosting ‘Enrolment Week' - a week of activities and events for our College Level students, which will begin at the start of the next Academic year.

Every month at the College, we do something to raise money for charity, and our best effort to date last year was the Haiti Cake sale, where we raised over £350 in one day for the Disasters Emergency Commission.

Palette is our Student Newsletter, and it's now almost entirely student run. The large student led editorial and design team welcomes a different student as Acting Editor for every issue, ensuring that nearly all the content is decided by students - not the College. Every issue features interviews with students, lots of student artwork, and reviews and columns written by our student community. Download the latest edition of Palette here!

Be heard! - The Course Rep System
We are also serious about ensuring that every student gets to have their say, and we have Student Course Representatives in every single course across the College, who meet on a regular basis to represent the views of all students, and come up with new and innovative ways to make HCA an even better place to study.

We want your views! - The Student Satisfaction Survey
HCA Student Union is really keen for you to know that we take your views and feedback seriously. Last academic year, every student in the College was invited to take part in the ‘Student Satisfaction Survey'. This annual survey is really important; everyone at the college wants to know which areas you think should be improved and why.

Would you like to create a club or society?
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