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Student Ambassadors
Earn while you learn - become a Student Ambassador!

Being an HCA Student Ambassador is a great opportunity to work whilst studying, and to get valuable experience in working with, and supporting other students.

If you become a Student Ambassador, you will get involved in lots of exciting activities such as Fresher's Week and Enrolment Week, and you will also be able to build on your interpersonal and communication skills at many events like our Higher Education Tasters, Interview and Open Day Events, and Business Events.

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Student Ambassador

The Course Rep System - Be heard, and be honest!
The Course Rep system was introduced to ensure that there is always a structured and safe way for every student to have a voice on College matters. You're not on your own - if at any point the process needs to be assisted, the Student Union Executive Committee and the Student Liaison Officer are on hand to help you get your voice heard.

Course Reps

Here's an outline of the Course Rep system:

At the first stage of the system, each course at the College has a fully trained Course Rep, who is a student appointed to represent their Course and the views of their course mates. There are currently nearly sixty Course Reps, and each one has been trained for the role and treats every view just as seriously as the next one.

Course Reps attend meetings with their course mates and Course Tutor, to communicate these student views. They play the most vital role within the Student Union, in helping to ensure that ALL of our students get to have their say in matters.

Senior Course Reps
Sitting in the middle of the Course Rep system, the recently formed Student Council is a body of Senior Course Reps which meets three times a year with senior members of staff, including the College Principal, members of the Senior Management Team, and College Governors.

The meetings are set out as informal working groups, so that students can engage with staff on a level playing field. Everyone gets down to the business of finding ways to improve the College and the Student experience. All the advice offered by the Student Council is recorded for reference so that changes can be made as swiftly as possible.

Student Governors
In the last stage of the Course Rep system, two Student Governors, who are also Course Reps, have been elected as full governors of the College to serve on the College's Board of Governors. They represent the views of the whole body of students at the highest decision making level.

The College Board of Governors' meetings happen throughout the year, and cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the College's buildings and finances to key matters influencing learning and teaching. Through our Student Governors, all our students have the opportunity to influence College policy at the highest level.